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Edit: I'll do this properly with the place holder now

Thread Awards:

Best Rookie Roleplay: Yokai Academy - The thread really hasn't been around that long but it is a great concept that I'm glad was recreated. The various Yokai are well thought out and it really is on fire right now. It also appears as though there is a well thought out plot behind the typically free play which is bound to make the already interesting RP even more so.

Best Veteran Roleplay: Pokemon Trainer Academy - It is still going and still has huge interest both due to the efforts of its GMs and because of how well put together it is. Really it should be a crime not to at least consider it.

Most Original Roleplay: Forsaken - Despite not having started IC yet Forsaken is the most unique and original RP I have seen in the corner with an interesting (non)relationship between human and angel characters, a good game play mechanic and an interesting story to it.

Member Awards:

Best Rookie Roleplayer: Somniac - Somniac rights detailed and in-depth posts and is very well written for a beginner (far better than I was). I can't think of someone more deserving.

Most Improved Roleplayer: Lokiepie - In the time between RPing with Lokie in Tournament of Life to signing up with her for Forsaken Lokie's posts have become better written and far more detailed than they were to begin with. Lokie's characters have also become far deeper and more interesting and overall I'd say she is very deserving of this award.

Best Game Master: PkMn Trainer Yellow - Yellow manages a huge workload successfully and with few errors succeeding in creating a good experience for role-players and readers alike to a well set structure and the upholding and updating of rules (without going all pokenazi on us).

Best Sign-Up Writer: Nakuzami - Nakuzami writes very detailed SU posts that are nearly as engaging as her IC posts. The characters she creates are interesting and always seem to fit in impeccably well with what ever RP they are placed in, even if not originally for it.

Most Helpful Player: Red's Hot Chibi Pelippers - I have never met another RPer who is this happy to help someone improve their RPs and posts and review suggestions. Whether helping format an OP or reviewing an idea in the Discussion thread Red's is always very helpful to people (from what I have seen).

Best Roleplayer: Nakuzami - Again for the hugely engaging posts and great characters but also because of how well written they are. They are usually grammatically correct and always flow very well.

More to come later.