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    I utterly disagree with changing the existing Pokémon around. I am one of those classic fans that Noosab refers to, and it would certainly put me off ever trying the hack if I knew you messed with a well balanced typing system or changed types or base stats.
    oh no non-canon mechanics in a hack how terrible

    Serious suggestion for the HMs- why not just make them viable when you get them? 60/100 Cut with Grass, Steel, or Bug typing is fairly popular. For Strength I've heard of 80/100 Fighting with a chance to raise attack, though personally I'm partial to 100/100 Normal so the AI can have a Return clone it understands how to use. Heck, you can also just leave Strength unedited since 80 BP is quite usable for most things in midgame. Rock Smash is generally 40-50 BP with an arbitrarily high chance to lower defense, or just omitted since it's generally really annoying. Flash is rendered pointless by tweaking an emulator setting so just omit it. Surf and Waterfall are both important and reliable moves already.

    (Minor note- if y'all use the 649 patch or implement Technician and Cut becomes 60 BP Steel, that's a viable endgame move for Scizor if it's present. Much better option than scrapping the moves IMO.)

    With regards to having the leaders teach you how to use the HMs- that would be a waste of the player's time. Some people may be very bad at figuring things out but I don't think we need what will be seen as essentially a tutorial on how to press A in front of a bush after every gym.

    Now, I'd like to address something else- why is nearly everyone here so afraid of changing the pokemon themselves? While I've seen plenty of train-wreck hacks to know how this can go wrong, I don't think swearing by canon when making a fangame is a good way to make anything interesting. The standard system is hardly balanced- behemoths like Graveler, Staraptor, and Excadrill tend to trivialize most of the main games and many hacks in which they're present (and not given borked movepools), while other mons such as Beedrill and Chimecho are given garbage stats and narrow movepools. What is there to be gained by leaving the system as is? Are you really so offended by the notion that players might not be punished for wanting to use Furret?


    Doesn't this pretty much limit you to using the 649 Patch as a base? Unless you want to spend countless hours on getting the formes to work in your own way that is.
    Most meaningful forme changes can be accomplished with evolutionary stones.

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