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    With the promised bribery complete, the rest of the day had honestly gone alright. Sableye fought with a greater enthusiasm, battling in a flowing manner that hinted he was happy with his body. The narcissistic creature would tilt his head at various as he walked or battled, always being sure to show off his new treasures. It was a sableye’s goal to have a beautiful hoard, and now he would actually have jewels that wouldn’t be abandoned for survival. They would always be with him.

    Riolu, on the other hand, continued to battle the same as he had. The morning battle against his rival seemed to have sucked out whatever interest he had. The rest were too pathetic, didn’t spark that same thrill of struggle and animalistic fight. Was it because the pokemon he battled were too weak? His trainer had certainly been careful in selecting opponents; always asking to be sure who were new trainers.

    It was surprisingly easy to get the truth out of people and find out who was truly just beginning their journey. In fact, by now the entirety of Shaun’s starting group had made it to the city. He was informed this by Samuel D. Perkin, a boy that had snootily offered his name to Shaun and had thought the rebellious teen would be any easy win.

    He wasn’t even worth the look of distaste Shaun was favoring the boy as he was handed a whopping two hundred dollars worth of bills. The style light brown hair was parted to the side and risked creeping over brown eyes as the boy still continued to sputter in shock at his loss.

    Riolu was gazing down at the battered pokemon Samuel hadstarted out with, a tyrogue. It had been an exciting thought, fighting a fellow fighting type, but the skills of the other was lacking. Fighting moves must have allowed it to cross the mountain pass with limited problems, giving that most of the pokemon living in the area were generally weak to fighting types,but it had yet to face a proper challenge and therefore made it cocky and generally useless in a more serious challenge.

    “Quit your bitching and hand over the money,” Shaun growled, hand forward and palm up. His second hand rested in his pocket, fingers rubbing at the hidden switchblade should the need arise.

    “There’s no way you won without cheating!” Samuel shouted. He was looking at his pokemon in disbelief, wide eyes darting back at Shaun in suspicion.

    “Cheating how, exactly?” Shaun drawled, quickly becoming exasperated. He ran a hand through messy black locks and rolled his shoulders,fixing the foreigner with a cool look. “Everybody saw my pokemon beat yo pokemon’s ass and you crying like a little bitch. “If you can’t handle being here go back to Kanto, kringo.

    The onlookers ‘ooh’d’ mockingly, jeering.

    Samuel sputtered, face growing red with embarrassment and anger, hardly believing that such a racial slur were being directed towards his own person. “Who do you think you are?” he growled lowly, voice deepening as he stood straight so that he could look down on Shaun. And really, who did he think he was messing with? Even if the rebellious teen had won without luck he was still below Samuel status wise. It wouldn’t matter what happened, the class you’re born into decides your fate.

    "Who do I think I am?” the fiend parroted mockingly. He gazed at Samuel, face growing dark and deadly. “The guy who’s gonna slit your throat if you don’t pay up.”

    There was an awestruck silence as the surrounding crowd gazed between the two teens, wondering if blood would actually be spilt. Some even looked eager, eyes cast with dark shadows that hinted of a traumatic experience that had them lusting for more brutality. Those that gazed with haunted eyes were all seasoned trainers, people that had come across their own share of brutal scenes. The energy in the air seemed to thrill Shaun because before Samuel knew it a flash of silver was all he saw before the end of something very sharp was pressing into his nose.

    Whispers erupted and hallow laughter spread.

    “Should we get someone?” one whispered.

    “Who cares? The guy deserves it.”

    “Weak ass trainer.”

    “Go back to Kanto, fucker.”

    On and on it went, going over the two teens heads, but one voice – a cool, baritone that whispered its way into their minds like mist –gave them pause.

    “Dear Arceus, Samuel, you’re embarrassing not only yourself but your family station and region. Either pay our fellow trainer or crawl back to Kanto like the defeated poochyena you are imitating."

    Samuel felt warm, sweat building with the fear and embarrassment. He gave a gulp, hand slowly going to his pants pocket. “Alright,” he said hoarsely. “I’ll pay.”

    “Damn right,” Shaun growled, palm out and grasping the bills as they were handed over. “Fuck off,” he told the other train, not even bothering to spare him a glance as he took in the new arrival.

    The boy had a look of wealthy confidence. He walked with a swagger that gave way that he looked down on others, despite his sudden interruption. He watched Samuel walk away, a cool look to his face as he sneered. “Yet another waste.” He glanced over at Shaun, ice blue eyes assessing. “Not all of Kanto citizens are as useless as to what you’ve just witnessed.”

    “Oh, I wouldn’t say that. He seemed to be one of the strongest of the Kanto trainers I fought, and I just wiped the floor with his fat ass in two minutes. They’re all the same.”

    The onlookers hooted and hollered, “ooh’s” escaping through chortles once more. A never ending lust for a fight seemed to always follow a trainer’s crowd.

    The boy offered a small smile, looking far more crafty. “Really.” He looked to be musing. “Care to back up those words? Two pokemon each and wager five hundred.”

    Shaun didn’t like the way this newcomer stared at him, assessing him closely as if seeing an answer, but he still responded cockily. He had been on a winning streak and no Kanto trainer would get him down. “Hell yea. Name is Shaun, by the way. ”

    The boy smiled softly. “I know.” He blinked slowly and lifted a shined red and white pokeball. “And I am Eric Stone.” With a flash of light, a small, bright blue pokemon that Shaun recognized from the previous route appeared.

    “Phaa,” the ground elephant panted, raising it tiny snout and stomping the ground.

    “Tch. Make dust of this ground type,” Shaun said to Riolu, stuffing his fists into his pockets and looking far too relaxed. His face was quirked with a lazy grin that was made him look far too cocky.

    The fighting type stepped forward, palms forward and ears curled upward. He sniffed once, red eyes staring hard at the smaller pokemon. Slowly, he moved into a crouching position, feet sliding along the ground in a smooth motion.

    Across on the other side Eric gave a simple command, looking rather at ease as well. “Phanpy, proceed.”

    Shaun furrowed his brows, momentarily confused. He wasn’t used to fighting another trainer that allowed the pokemon to make the decisions on its own. It was certainly surprising.

    The ground type pawed at the ground, giving a loud snort of understanding, and rushed forward. It charged steadily, eyes following Riolu’s form, and then before Shaun knew it the small pokemon jumped into the air, form shifting into a small ball and speeding forward at an incredibly fast pace.

    Riolu looked visibly startled, nearly faltering at the shock of seeing such a creature sped up so suddenly. “Ri,” he sniffed, still looking intrigued. Without bothering to wait for a command he slid his feet forward, body shifting and palms pulling back. With an almost casual spin, Riolu gained enough momentum to slam his fist into the incoming pokemon. To the surprise of everyone, the spinning ground type was sent ricocheting off in another direction, spinning body slowing as it came out of its ball form and wobbled on four legs, looking physically hurt.

    “Phaa,” it moaned, wincing at rubbing at its hurt side with its trunk.

    “As expected of a fighting type,” Eric commented, not looking at all disturbed that a single attack had done such damage to his pokemon. He said nothing more, not even bothering to give an attack.

    “Riolu, another Force Palm,” Shaun ordered. If this guy was gonna give him a free win he sure wasn’t complaining.

    The rest of the battle went by just as smoothly. Phanpy continued to charge, body forming into a spinning ball and following Riolu at breakneck speeds. The lithe fighting type continued to slide into different fighting positions, using the momentum of its opponent to its advantage and sending it skidding away with a few well-placed Force Palms.

    When at last the ground elephant rolled to a stop and uncurled, clearly defeated, Eric recalled the fallen pocket monster with a bored look. It looked out of place, such a bored expression during a battle, and Shaun could help but think the kid had some other motive for challenging him given that he was studying Riolu with such a severe look.

    “Go,” Eric stated simply, releasing his final pokemon and Shaun sucked in a breath, staring at the tan chimp pokemon as the fire on its behind grew with the excitement for battle.

    “That pokemon…” Shaun was at a loss for words, studying Ericwith an equal look of intensity.

    “Oh, have you seen a chimchar before?” Eric questioned, tilting his head. “Not surprising given that five others received the same starter as me. I suppose I wasn’t as lucky as some to get one of the single surprise pokemon like your own.”

    Shaun swallowed; thoughts in a haze. This was one of the pokemon that had been with the trainers that attacked him, but if what this guy said was true then he had a high list of suspects. This Eric guy didn’t look familiar, but Shaun hadn’t been able to get a clear view of the faces of his attackers. False accusations would be too dangerous for Shaun right now.

    “Yea," Shaun breathed, and he noticed with delight that Riolu had the same look of intense disgust on his face. He recognized the pokemon as well. “You could say that.” His and Eric’s eyes met, and for a moment there was silence as the two assessed one another, until Shaun’s broke it with a deadly whisper that only Riolu could pick up. “Destroy it.”

    Before Eric even knew what was happening there was a blue blur crossing his field. In a single, smooth motion, Riolu had slid his feet forward in such a way he threw his own body weight forward. Black foot striking forward, Chimchar was sent flying, eyes scrunched up in pain and body bouncing harshly against the floor.

    “Ember,” Eric commanded, the first one of the battle. He watched passively as the fire chimp got up, a fierce expression show as tiny flames soared from his mouth, a few strays creating burn marks on the ground,and landed on the fighting type. Riolu took it well, arms up and defending, not looking too bothered from the heated attack. “Defend,” Eric ordered as Riolu began to move forward, toes moving lightly upon the ground. “Its body moves like drifting water, so don’t expect sharp movements.”

    Shaun stared, brows furrowed at the advice his opponent had just given to his pokemon. This trainer was watching his own pokemon far too closely. “Force Palm,” he ordered as Riolu got within striking distance.

    A barked confirmation came forth and Riolu struck, eyes soon widening in shock as he shot forward, only for Chimchar to rear back in a smooth motion, almost moving along with Riolu’s movements. With a smug grin, Chimchar opened wide, burning hot coals shooting forward.

    Riolu howled, backing away from the close range attack that created burns on his arm. He shot Chimchar a vicious look, growling loudly. His red eyes were lit with a furious intensity. Blue light exploded from his palms,and before anyone could even blink, a blue furred fist shot forward, striking the fire type square in the face. A loud crack sounded in the area as Chimchar went flying once more, screeching in pain.

    It landed with a harsh thud, clutching its bleeding face and howling in agony. It glared with squinted eyes, still rolling about and holding its broken nose. “Charr,” it breathed, glower promising retribution.

    Eric, however, wasn’t caring for his pokemon’s pride, and was instead staring at Riolu with pursed lips. “Return,” he called to his pokemon, observant look never leaving him as he stared hard at the fighting type.

    It was a dangerous look, and Shaun didn’t like the way this person was looking at his pokemon, especially since Shaun was starting to wonder if this guy had really been there during the attack. But if he had, surely he should look surprised that Shaun was alive, or at least go out of his way to never come into contact with him lest Shaun actually recognized him.

    “There is no point in forcing my pokemon in receiving unnecessary damage if he’s just going to lose,” Eric stated. He silently pulled out some bills and counted out the promised amount. “Until next time, if you choose to continue on,” Eric said. He graced Shaun with a cold smile and turned, walking away without another word.

    Shaun and Riolu stared at one another, dubious. That battle had been too easy, too quick, and his pokemon could have easily continued to fight. The look in Eric’s gaze had been dark and dangerous. This battle was not a matter of who’s pokemon was the strongest; no this this battle was a means to another end, but what could that by want?

    If he was one of Shaun’s attackers, he had certainly made a show of seeming oblivious to having ever met aside from the initial gathering. It could be a facade, or he really could have never been a part of the attack and was simply another pretentious douche trying to see if Shaun had any potential.

    Whatever it was, Shaun didn’t like it.

    AN: So Kringo is based off Gringo, an old Spanish slang word for white people, only because Lenore is kind of prejudice towards Kanto people I used the K instead of G. People of Lenore are a bit darker in color based off those in Kanto, though strangely in my world those in Johto are also of a darker color.
    Honestly, Shaun is just a prejudiced douche. Most of what he says or does won't be of good conscious or even respectable. Shaun isn't someone I'm trying to get people to like, but I just want a difficult character thrown in a difficult position.

    I have one more bit to this chapter that I'll probably add tomorrow. I'm just sick of when I copy/paste to here all the words cling together or I need to fix spacing.
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