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    Originally Posted by DoesntKnowHowToPlay View Post
    Serious suggestion for the HMs- why not just make them viable when you get them?
    I would be totally fine with this idea too. As for rock smash, why not make it a force palm clone or something? Assuming we don't just implement all moves through gen 5, that is.

    Originally Posted by DoesntKnowHowToPlay View Post
    Now, I'd like to address something else- why is nearly everyone here so afraid of changing the pokemon themselves? While I've seen plenty of train-wreck hacks to know how this can go wrong, I don't think swearing by canon when making a fangame is a good way to make anything interesting. The standard system is hardly balanced- behemoths like Graveler, Staraptor, and Excadrill tend to trivialize most of the main games and many hacks in which they're present (and not given borked movepools), while other mons such as Beedrill and Chimecho are given garbage stats and narrow movepools. What is there to be gained by leaving the system as is? Are you really so offended by the notion that players might not be punished for wanting to use Furret?
    ^this. Personally, I would love to play a hack that I can use my favorite pokemon in and still feel they are viable at end-game.
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