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Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
Excuse me while I change my location and I also want to point out that Alabama is, if I'm not mistaken, second to last on the US education system rankings.

I kind of get the metaphorical meaning behind saying a baby is a large organ in the body, but I's more than an organ, if we're gonna compare it to that anyway (I know it's NOT an organ js). It's another human being. Sure, it's mooching your food like some other deformed stomach or something, but it's still a baby! And it will continue to mooch your food in the next 18 years lol.
It depends on what variables are used to rank them. This,, has Alabama at 47th in the nation. My state, Arkansas, isn't much better at 41. Does explain my computer engineering class was filled with idiots though.

Really though, a fetus is closer to a parasite then it is to a organ.