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Well, I'm no spriter... so when I needed 6 sprites ADDED to the game I asked for some help from some more qualified people...
they said increasing the number of sprites was impossible, or they just couldnt do it...

I really hate being told something cant be done (especially when i want it done)

so I found a nice tutorial on how to do it... ok... it might have been nice if I knew stuff... but I know nothing... it was very hard to follow (it skipped things I "should" have known... but I did not know them)


this is how close ive gotten

so i have successfully added 6 new sprites (increasing the total from 153-159)

but I cant figure out how to edit just 1 sprite palette... it seems multiple sprites use the same palette and I cant find any blank palettes to fill with my new colors...

so does anyone know how to edit just 1 sprites palette?