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Originally Posted by tImE View Post
The legend continues;
Vermilion City
First off, WOW! that is incredible for a map, loving everything. This map to me has no negatives so I'll point out my favorite things.

1) The Gym - Thank you for removing that accursed Cut tree that thing was such a pain in Gen I, I hope you decide to do the same for Celadon when you get to it. The gym alone is very well placed distant from the houses yet not too far away. I'm loving that you kept the left wall though.

2) The building Lot - Since I have no idea whether this was same time as R/B/G or in the future I didn't know what to expect but you've done an excellent job making it look like a definite starting sight, though whether you decide to keep that grass around the edge or not may enhance or hinder the image.

3) Miscellaneous items - I'm talking the Bin, Crates and Buoys. The Bin just seems appropriate probably because Vermillion is one of the larger cities. The Crates seem to just fit the port considering it was until Gen II the only dock for Ships, you could hide items behind the crates if you wanted. The third thing being those Buoys, they fit the scenery very well and make a good impression for the city

Overall very well done 9.999999999999999999999999999999999/10

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