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I remembered one of them, Uxie the being of Wisdom. I wasn't going to say anything because it was only a legend and these pokemon might not have been them. The tale went that Uxie had 2 siblings; Mespirit and Azelf. Mespirit was always too emotional about life and always pestered Uxie and Azelf with questions and games. Azelf on the other hand was supposedly a short-tempered pokemon which could deafen someone with its powerful Uproar. Uxie, I knew best because of a monolith featuring Uxie. The monolith entailed...

Uxie the Being of Wisdom
Those whom seek to find the answer to everything
Will be turned down by Uxie
But those who seek the truth for what is right
Uxie greets them with an open mind
Do not deter yourself into the lust for knowledge
as it will be your demise

The one that looked like Uxie hovered lower than the others but seemed to be completely still. I glanced over at Torrent and Shadow both of them were looking at the other two pokemon...

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