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    Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
    Two words. VS Seeker.

    This was one of the most handy items ever and I was sad that HG/SS and 5th Gen took it out, having free Trainer rematches at any time can help with grinding, both with levels and money. When I played D/P/Pt, I often abused it on that Breeder with the Happiny, netting me useful EXP quickly, while the Breeders are rematchable in B2/W2 by getting seen by them, it just didn't compare to the VS Seeker.
    My sentiments exactly. Ahh I remember the good ol' Resort Gorgeous in FRLG. All that money. BW2's breeders get a bit annoying especially with their weak teams. And their placements. If they were in some obscure nook and cranny, that's one thing but having them interrupt your casual relaxing walk cos you forgot about their battle-hungry instincts is different. Plus I wanna fight that old man and lady with the Level 70 Tyranitar and Salamence.

    tl;dr I wanna be the one who decides who I fight since I beat you already LOL XD
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