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    Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
    Two words. VS Seeker.

    This was one of the most handy items ever and I was sad that HG/SS and 5th Gen took it out, having free Trainer rematches at any time can help with grinding, both with levels and money. When I played D/P/Pt, I often abused it on that Breeder with the Happiny, netting me useful EXP quickly, while the Breeders are rematchable in B2/W2 by getting seen by them, it just didn't compare to the VS Seeker.
    Agreed, I would love to see the VS Seeker return, it was useful as heck, the only problem was that it didn't work on Victory Road, so if they do bring it back, it needs to be able to work pretty much anywhere.

    Also, I would like to see the return of the Game Corner, which I know due to laws makes that nigh impossible, but damn I miss it, they could maybe though make something similar, like an amusement park, The region is based on France after all, home to Disneyland Paris, so an amusement park could be a good addition, with Minigames, with prizes.

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