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Originally Posted by MidiMasterShiro View Post
I really don't care whether this feature is added in or not. But, it would be pretty useless if they did add it in. Not to mention the data it will take up since they would most likely have to remodel every Pokemon again just to put it in the overworld.
Other than picking up a few items here and there, the Follow-Me feature was never supposed to be seen as something useful. It was really more or less an aesthetic change from the norm and another selling point to HG/SS at the time.

I would love to see it back, but as an optional feature. Sadly, I find it unlikely unless otherwise shown. Playing White2 right now and seeing a number of Pokémon out and about makes me realize they could have kept this feature in Gen V, but chose not to. So I'm guessing the Follow-Me was something of an exclusive to HG/SS until they decide to pick it back up again, if ever.
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