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Kanto Power Plant
Bringing power to the Kanto and Johto Regions around the clock!
Source Game: Touhoumon Faith & Prayer Version
This map is the basement of the renovated power plant, it's where the actual electrical grid is now. It's one of the first dungeons, and serves as the place where you fight Team Rocket for the first time. For some reason, Team Rocket has attacked the Kanto Power plant, and sabotaged the power for the region. Why? Nobody knows. What are they trying to achieve, i suppose you'll just have to find out.

14 Grunts (12 on this map, 2 more topside), 5 are mandatory. The two double battles are optional fights. The grunt around the 9 generators runs around them in Figure-Eight style, the one around the crates circles them.

There are four item balls, but one of them is a fake. Do you feel lucky?

This is honestly the first time I've attempted to construct an original dungeon, without copying any other maps. I'd really appreciate some legitimate and serious constructive feedback if possible, so I know how and where need to improve.

Warning, picture is large.
External Link:

Edit: I already fixed that tile error near the 9 generators.
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