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    Azelf, I remembered its name now. The blue one. The being of Willpower. It was a long time ago, but when I was very young, maybe about 5, I dreamt of Azelf. It communicated with me. Most of my friends and family told me that there is no such thing as an Azelf. I soon lost the memory of it, but it was the one in which my willpower was sourced.

    Though Azelf is short tempered, it was the most playful out of the three siblings, it loved playing practical jokes on people, and playing games.

    I remember a poem from long ago which for told of Azelf. It read...

    Azelf of Willpower
    Tempting fate with a joke
    Thought the power of corage
    Leave you with some hope

    Azelf was floating in front of me. It span around and played with the water. I seemed to have a strong bond with Azelf, more than the other two. Chimchar smiled as I looked over at Torrent and Omega, each connecting with one of the others
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