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Here's what we do know about Eevee:

1. It's a pure Normal-type
2. It can evolve depending on the elements and what environment they're in
3. Has already evolved into 7 of the 17 types, that being Water (Vaporeon), Electric (Jolteon), Fire (Flareon), Psychic (Espeon), Dark (Umbreon), Grass (Leafeon) and Ice (Glaceon)
4. It has yet to evolve into a dual-type
5. It evolves with elemental stones or rocks, or time of day
6. It has not evolved into the following types as of yet: Normal, Flying, Fighting, Bug, Rock, Ground, Steel, Poison, Ghost and Dragon

Here's the type breakdown:

Normal - Most plausible theory. Its colors are white, light blue and pink, which seem fairy and angelic-like, which is characteristic of some Normal-types like Togetic and Clefairy. It also has bows which are closely associated with some Normal-types.

Flying - Second plausible theory. Its ribbons flow in the wind, which could mean its relative to fairies and can fly.

Fighting - Could possibly be but it doesn't have a tough appearance or seem to dress in any fighting-like attire

Bug - Does not have any bug characteristics, like antennae or stingers

Rock - Does not have a stone-like body or anything rock-related

Ground - Not sandy in color and does not look like one that'd live in the ground

Steel - Does not have a metallic appearance or anything metal on its body

Poison - Does not have dark colors like some other Poison-types and does not give the impression that it can use Poison moves

Ghost - Does not look transparent and is not eerie-looking like other Ghosts

Dragon - Does not look reptilian or dragon-like and has no visible claws or fangs