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Originally Posted by Darthatron View Post
It would be possible to still require badges or something. Say a gym leader taught you how to climb a waterfall using your Pokemon after you beat him?
That won't work. Say I'm at the first gym and want to use RockSmash to get past an area, I beat him but none of my Pokemon can learn Rock Smash? What if I catch a Pokemon later on and I want to teach it surf after the initial tutoring?

See the current HM system is perfectly good. The only real issue is the fact that you're punished for NEEDing Pokemon to waste moveslots on these moves to continue ingame progress.
I still like what I suggested regarding HMs. It's similar to this:

Originally Posted by Darthatron View Post
Regarding HMs.
If the Pokemon can normally learn the HM, then it would be able to use it naturally in the overworld.
imo my idea was still better because if you choose to use it for natural uses outdoors only, then it doesn't take up a move slot. I mean, it's kinda ridiculous if you need to have your Gyarados need surf in it's move set for it to swim. It's much easier to just let it learn surf for outside if you want or for both battle and outside.

As for the suggestions about changing move powers and such, if we choose my idea, then that just won't really be necessary. If you REALLY did want moves that scale then you'd have to scale them with the Pokemon's level. Changing Rock Smash to 60 power = Good Game rock gyms vs lvl 8 Charmander.
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