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The thing with challenges that are only for certain games is that it makes it more restrictive, so making it only for DPPt wasn't much of a good move. It deters me personally because I hate DP and I have an ongoing playthrough of Platinum that I don't want to restart. Now, Eeveelutions are available in all gens, through actually getting one, hacking it in, or trading it in, so there really wasn't a need to make it DPPt only. You might get more challengers if it wasn't all for DPPt. Cause there honestly, imo, wasn't a reason to make it just for that game.

Not only that, but using one family is also a bit restrictive. It's different with, say, Gender Discrimination. You're limited in the Pokemon you can choose, and they have to be your gender, but at least they're not all from the same line. Plus, I think that some people do regular playthroughs with just Eeveelutions. I did that long ago, lol.

But yeah, perhaps opening it up to all games would help. If you want me to remove the DPPt prefix, just let me know. Wow this post is longer than it should be. ~_~

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