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Originally Posted by Darthatron View Post
You misunderstand. It wouldn't take a move slot. You would just be able to use those moves on the overworld after getting the badge. You can teach the moves to the pokemon normally.
Ahh, I see. I was thinking that you had an idea of an event where the gym leader was going to teach the trainer how to use an HM to a Pokemon, lol.
Anyway, if this is the case it's the same as my idea :)

Originally Posted by Jambo51 View Post
Really? I express my opinion on an idea that someone put forward and you respond with that ^ snarky response?

I'm entitled to like the mechanics just the way they are, and if you disagree so, why not actually back your opinion up with hard facts, and then tell us how you would go about fixing them? You never know, you might point out some blatantly obvious thing I'm overlooking which really needs addressed.

I'm all for non canon mechanics, I'm all for tweaking moves or adding new moves, but Pikachu (as an example) is weak for a reason, if you want to make your favourite Pokémon more powerful, that's fine, but if you make EVERYONE's favourite Pokémon powerful, we end up with a mess of a game.

Exercise restraint, that's all I'm saying.

While this is true, it looks really bad, which is why I implied we should steer clear of it. And that's ignoring the hacking required to make the dex correctly recognise them.

Formes aren't HARD, they just take a lot of work, that's all.
*Holds back urge to give snarky response.*
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