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    Some more typings for priority moves would be nice *thumbs up* you Scizor can get...oh wait. Scizor's perf with Bullet Punch. Who need dat bug-type move doe?...Volcarona, Galvantula, Caterpie; I see where this is going.

    Specifically I want to see a Fire-type priority move as well as an Electric and/or Flying. Just so that some pokes aren't stuck with the redundancy of Quick Attack and Aqua Jet. *cough cough 60% of the eevee line cough cough*

    While we're at it - how about SPECIAL priority moves? Why do they all have to be physical? Do you see that crying Vaporeon over there? Yeah - it's stuck with a Quick Attack that it can barely utilize under the best of circumstances. It's holding up a sign that says "pls hlp me wil do antying 4 spicil moffs."

    *brb crying for the Vaporeons*
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