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    Originally Posted by YamaskUnchained View Post
    On my second playthrough of Black before I make a run to Black 2.

    So team building questions for my current Black run and my future Black 2

    Right now my team is: Lvl 25 Sawk, Lvl 23 Yamask, Lvl 23 Servine, Lvl 20 Panpour, Lvl 19 Patrat (Cut slave)

    So to me the only ones I have my heart set on are my Sawk (Karate Chop, Low Sweep, Double Kick, Bide) and Yamask (Will-O-Wisp, Hex, Night Shade, Haze). I already kind of have my moved picked out for Yamask (probably going to finish with Will-O-Wisp, Hex, Shadow Ball, Destiny Bond).

    As for the rest of the team I'm not sure they're who I want around moving forward, as I am just about to challenge Elesa when I'm done roaming Nimbasa. Any suggestions on a team to build for purely in game?
    Probably a bit late for this, unless you're somehow still roaming Nimbasa...

    I'd say that, self-evidently, the first thing you need is something to handle Elesa's gym. Since it's an Electric gym, the obvious choice is a ground, and of those, the best options are Drilbur/Excadrill and Sandile/Krokorok/Krookodile. Both are already available in your game, so catch whichever one you prefer. And whichever one it is, give it the best Rock attack it can learn, so it's got something to use against Elesa's Emolgas.

    Then just take it from there. On the next route, see if you've got any shortcomings - any types that you can't handle effectively with the team you've got. If you do, that means you need something else - whatever CAN handle whatever it is that you're having problems with. The next gym will be Clay's Ground gym, so you'll need something to handle that - either a Grass or a Water. And so on...

    Originally Posted by ChocolateCrunch View Post
    Hi! I'm planning on starting my Pokemon White all over again and at the moment I only have a structure for my team. I've been thinking of:


    My only problem is none of them are easy to find near the start of the game except Emboar (well, of course, starter type? o_o) so it might be kind of hard-ish. If anyone can help I'd be so grateful.

    Thank you in advance!
    I'd just use whatever's available and serves well enough until I got to whatever it is that I wanted to use. Pick up a Lillipup and/or a Patrat on Route 1, and so on, and just use them for as long as I need to. You'll get a Pansage at the Dreamyard, which'll do until you get to Pinwheel Forest and can catch a Petilil. Then at Wellspring Cave you can catch a Woobat, and you can catch a Drilbur in a dustcloud, and that'll be fine until you get to Route 4 and can catch a Sandile. For that matter, you can also catch a Roggenrola, which can serve until you get the Fossil to get a Tirtouga/Carracosta. And you catch Cubchoo exactly when you need to, on the way through Twist Mountain, so you've got enough time to train it and evolve it to a Beartic in time for the Dragon gym.