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    KHI, or Kingdom Hearts Insider, is a KH forum that I've been a member of since '06 (that long already?!) and I've been on their Site Staff since about '08, doing graphics work. So basically they tell me what they need and I make it. For the most part, I've been just working on avatars, signatures, and wallpapers (for computers, iPhones, PSPs, Vitas, etc) for the site that people can download and use on the forum. so those interview banners are used on pages like this and this. we just recently revamped the site and forums and we're trying to maintain a clean, streamlined, colorful look throughout all of our graphics. I'm not sure on what else the banners will be used for aside from headers but they might show up on the main page when a new interview pops up. idk haha I just do what they tell me. but yes technically they were from work!

    wasn't planning on adding text to the last one as it was a request but I can play around with it and post my results.

    thanks for the kind words! :3

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