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The PokeRadar would be able to make a stellar return in this game. I really miss actually being able to catch shiny Pokemon.
I think that one rod is great. Three separate rods was a hassle in itself - while with one it's just like WOOSH "cast dat line, hunty!"
I would love to see the return of the rustling grass again - that was an awesome feature of finding rare Pokemon, as well as the island that you could travel to after beating the E4 in B2/W2. I found that especially delightful. *drooling over all the Kecleons*
I hope the bikes aren't reinstated because I've always had a certain hatred for those homocide-on-wheels'. I could not move three spaces without hitting some poor kid.
Um, being able to rebattle trainers would be nice (please!)
And I hope those fricken Pokemon Breeders will NOT walk up to me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. that I walk past them on accident. That has to be harassment. Or assault.
Oh my lump.
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