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    ∣ Amethyst Yula
    Jubilife Outskirts

    Chapter Two: Part Three
    Reach for Hope

    The bickering between Faith and Blade was slowly drowned out by... Silence? No; a slow, quiet buzzing noise. A near-silent droning sound that seemed to slowly increase in volume, until she couldn't hear anything else. Eventually the sound jolted her awake.

    Evidently, as she was sleeping, her hair was fluttering upward as if tossed by some unseen wind. This has happened twice before, hasn't it? Also, when she awoke (with a slight jolt) her eyes were glowing brightly. Although, as her yes opened, the glowing seemed to fade until they looked like regular (irregular) eyes. She was somewhat dazed for a moment, and for some reason her emotions were being highly amplified. In fact, she was only able to hold her breath long enough for Lucy to say what she was saying before she burst out, "Pastoria!?"

    "I went there when I was little!!" Amethyst's eyes seemed as if they were sparkling with delightful memories. "We got to see the Great Marsh... But we had to go home because Blade got into a fight with a Croagunk and got poisoned." She looked down, resting her head on top of Mako's. Blade and Faith were walking (in her vision, anyways) alongside Mako.

    "Seriously?" Faith chuckled. "You lost to a measly Croagunk?"

    "No, he--uh... called in others and they ganged up on me!" Blade grunted, arms crossed again. "I fought a bunch of 'em off, but they all kept poison jabbing me, and eventually I got poisoned. Then they dragged me away because of the poison. I woulda won that fight, too."

    "Pffffft, /right/." Faith laughed. "And my sister is actually hiding under my dress."

    "Is that who you wanted me to look for?" Amethyst turned her head, watching Faith. "Do you know where we should look?" Don't mind Amy, just talking to invisible ghosts and whatnot

    "I... Don't have any idea... Sorry. I was more hoping we'd run into her by chance." Faith sighed quietly, looking at the ground ahead of her.

    "Oh... Well if you think you see her, let me know, okay? We can go say 'hi'!"

    "... Right... Thanks, Amy."

    "Don't mention it. I'm glad I can help." Amy turned her attention toward the town ahead of them. "Jubilife...? Wow... It looks... Bad..."

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