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    The arc numbers are my favourite, especially how he seems to throw them in as much as he can and it always works.

    Response to Cid:
    Originally Posted by Cid View Post
    I love grimbark as a term, sure, but I don't like how it turned Jade into an overpowered Bec Noir with Witch of Space powers. It's like getting one of the sweetest people you know and making them pure evil, all berserk and on steroids. D:
    I don't think Grimbarkness actually gave her a power boost; she's just being controlled by HIC. Though I can see why you wouldn't like such a nice, sweet character to jump sides, I personally enjoy the shake up. It keeps the story dynamic.

    Originally Posted by Cid View Post
    I hope Jane keeps the colors even if she snaps out of her trance (probably not, but a guy can hope, right?). The original colors were horribly plain.
    Yeah, I'm actually kind of surprised that he picked such plain colours for "life".

    I really love the interactions between Dave and Karkat; I won't go too indepth about it (I think Cid covers a lot), but it's just so... nostalgic to get back to them. Like meeting your old friends again after a few months.

    I really think he's just poking fun with this whole... "Act 6 Intermission 5 Intermission 1". Though now we see how the Felt are being created, and Caliborn's Cal helmet. Man that thing is creepy.

    I wonder what number 8 will look like...

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