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I think we need to iron out some inconsistencies here. At least, I'm a little confused. ;;

Let's narrow this out into the most basic categories. At least one of these needs to correspond so all entries can be judged equally. Medium and Theme.

What medium would be best for this competition? I think that every medium should be included. What medium would you guys like to use?

What theme --theme being subject matter-- can every artist work with? Hypothetically, lets say we do "fruit". You can take pictures of fruit, draw fruit, edit fruit, do anything with fruit to make it look better. Now, I'd say something like an emotion would be good for this competition because everyone can manipulate or create something that evokes a feeling.

Here's my vote.
Medium : Everything -- Theme : Apathy.

Based on the medium that you would like to use, what theme fits the best?

Does any of this make sense? :o