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Update 1

*By the way, all the names of these pokemon are people who go on the server
  • Picked Derk the Torchic
  • Caught Mid the Wurmple
  • After some quick grinding, Mid evolved - and then evolved again into Dustox!
  • Helped Wally yada yada
  • Caught Nick the Poochyena
  • Caught Windy the Silcoon
  • Went to the route above Rustboro and caught Olli the Taillow (It was Alex's idea for the name)
  • Caught Servine the Whismur.... who promptly died from a crit in Rusturf Tunnel :(
  • Grinded until Derk and Windy evolved and Olli was at a suitable level
  • Fought Roxanne, swept with Derk
  • Took care of the Team Aqua guy
  • Went to fight May, she was easy... and then while I was using absorb with windy on Mudkip... she got a crit.
  • Windy fainted.
  • Went to Dewford, caught Dr. Cyber the tentacool, and DrCyberSis the tentacool.. and accidentally killed a Magikarp.
  • Caught Hikari the zubat in Granite Cave
  • Beat Brawly solely with Mid the Dustox, swept through his trainers with Olli and Mid
  • Got to Slateport and trained off of the trainers, did Aqua Plot thing
  • Caught an Electrike named Sophie, who almost died like five times in a row @[email protected]
Team: Sophie the Electrike, Derk the Combusken, Mid the Dustox, Olli the Taillow, Hikari the Zubat and Dr. Cyber the Tentacool

Box: DrCyberSis the Tentacool and Nick the Poochyena

Deaths: Servine the Whismur and Windy the Beautifly