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More updates on my FireRed run.

♥ Went into the Lavander Tower and battled my Rival.
♥ Went down on Route 12 and battled my way through it, up to the Sleeping Snorlax.
♥ Trolled myself with Koishi's Magnitude and Selfdestruct. (that's why you shouldn't fast forward battles >.<)
♥ Went back to Lavander then on to Route 8.
♥ Reached the Underground Path and ran through it to emerge on Route 7.
♥ Entered Celadon.
♥ Made a trip to Celadon Mart where I grabbed some TMs from the thirsty girl upstairs and grabbed 2 evolution stones and Hyper Beam TM.
♥ Decided to evolve Hana and Hazumi, using a Leaf Stone and a Moon Stone respectively.
♥ Sold a couple of Rare Candies that Meowth, the HM Slave picked up along the way then spent the rest of my money on Coins at the Game Corner.
♥ Spent a couple of hours playing the slots and eventually managed to get Flamethrower for Hazumi, getting ready for the upcoming gym battle.
♥ Wiped through Erika's Gym with Hazumi alone.
♥ Grabbed Tea and Eevee from the Condominiums then backtracked to the Game Corner.
♥ Sorted my team out and we're soon ready to face the Rockets at the Game Corner.

Badge Case

Current Team:

Level 34
Female// Bold// Cute Charm
141// 49// 40// 68// 42// 42
Hyper Beam

Lavel 30
Male// Adamant// Rock Head
90// 80// 89// 36// 52// 41
Rock Slide
Rock Throw

Level 30
Female// Bashful// Chlorophyll
87// 55// 65// 67// 59// 37
Sleep Powder
Giga Drain

Level 32
Male// Quirky// Inner Focus
82// 38// 36// 95// 68// 90
Future Sight
Light Screen

If you'd like to play with me, you better be sure you know the game.