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    Originally Posted by LocksmithArmy View Post
    yeah I got (see update)

    I may have to download his hack just to see what else he changed... I know his has room for like 256 palettes.. so he woulda put an FF in the palette limit byte... so ill just have to hunt FFs that are not in mine... (in that general area)

    that thread has some good info
    it explains why my sprites messed with eachother... and my main character... and as long as I dont put em on the same map I shouldnt have any issues...
    it gave a good fix that made my last 2 palettes show up..

    but I still cant keep my first palette from jacking up my main character...
    What do you mean? I know that there is a max on the amount of ow pallets you can have on screen at once. But pallete 00 shouldn't be affected if that sprite isn't on screen.

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