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Originally Posted by karatekid552 View Post
What do you mean? I know that there is a max on the amount of ow pallets you can have on screen at once. But pallete 00 shouldn't be affected if that sprite isn't on screen.
I agree... it shouldnt...

but Palette 20 or 26 or whatever palette I have on my jirachi sprite turns pallet 00 to match it... so the player has jirachi colors...

but only when im on that map... it goes back to regular 00 colors after I warp...

But insteade of trying to resolve the issue... and since its only jurachi... Im going to play it into my story... im going to make the player go into a surreal room to catch jurachi (probably just a black room, black floor black walls, nothing but a door and a jirachi and the player all funny colored.... itll be odd... like earthbound