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Originally Posted by Cerberus87 View Post
The only reason people think it's a Normal-type is because it looks like Audino, but it doesn't make any sense. The evolution of Eevee is susceptibility to the radiation around it, which comes from an evo stone or the environment. This way, how could Eevee change form and still be Normal? Normal is the "untouched" Eevee, with its DNA intact. If it changed form by evolving, it's no longer Normal.

It's not just really Audino, it's just about almost -every normal type out there- that has a similar color to Sylveon. It might be Eevee's natural eeveelution, or something of that nature. /shrugs. Plausible, not impossible or anything like that.

If it turns out Sylveon is actually Flying, he'll have to be special biased, because most of the physical Flying-type moves are related to birds.
I'd prefer if it was mixed. We have enough special eeveelutions as it is, and we need more physical ones bar Leafeon and Curse Umbreon(which isn't really that good offensively anyway).

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