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    Hey everyone! Zanny77 here with another hack! I need a team for this one, so I'm now recruiting!

    I remembering originally finding Pokecommunity in 2008, and starting a now very dead hack, Pokemon: Gothic Black. Since then, I've come back, and me and my girlfriend have decided to make our own Pokemon hack, called Pokemon: Tale of the Thunder God. We want to bring our own Pokemon experiences to the table and make our own story, trying to break free a bit from the traditional Pokemon mold.

    My girlfriend and I have been able to create the story, background, and characters. I am able to insert sprites, do basic scripts, and create original music. My girlfriend (who will make a PC account soon) can map out areas in AdvanceMap, and has created the regional Pokedex, as well as scoped out the trainer battles in the game.

    About the hack:
    A war has broken out between two countries. The nation to the South has found a plot of land thought to be unclaimed, and sent a team to scope it out. The nation to the North, however, claims the land is theirs. There are arguments between the two, but it reaches a head when the scouting team breaks news of whats in the territory: an abandoned power plant, supposedly housing a very powerful Pokemon. The North nation sets up a perimeter and says they will kill anyone else found in the area. When more scouts are sent in, they are shot and killed, leading to the South declaring war.
    You start out in a port town used by the military to refuel their Navy ships. The town has been blockaded off for security reasons, and you and your friends are getting antsy. Can you and your friends make a difference in this big world?

    Needed Members:
    The different people I will need are:

    Tile Mappers: I need someone who can create the country. I would love to have custom tiles to work with instead of all the regular tiles. If you wish to fill this role, be ready to talk with me about specific tiles needed as well.

    Advanced Scripter: I can do basic scripts, but the advanced scripts are very confusing to me. If you wish to fill this role, be ready to have me give you parts of the dialogue and have you work out the script.

    OW Maker: I need someone to make new OW's for many different people, including the 3 main characters, the military members, and others. You do not necessarily need to be able to provide battle sprites for these, but if you are able to that's even better.

    Trainer Battle Spriter: I need someone to make the battle sprites for the new trainers and for the main characters. Again, this can be combined with OW Maker, that would be even better, but if not, I will need a separate person to work with the OW Maker.

    The Form:
    Please fill out this form if you wish to fill these roles:

    Position Applying For:
    Proof of Work (If any):
    Availability and Time Zone:
    How Busy is Your Life? Will You Be Able to Consistently Provide?:
    Favorite Pokemon:

    Thanks for being interested in joining this team! I know this hack is gonna be great! Thanks and have a good day!