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Originally Posted by Twilight Sky View Post
It's not just really Audino, it's just about almost -every normal type out there- that has a similar color to Sylveon. It might be Eevee's natural eeveelution, or something of that nature. /shrugs. Plausible, not impossible or anything like that.
I'd like to see a pink Ursaring, or Tauros. Or Kangaskhan.

Only the fairy group (Clefairy, Chansey, Whismur and Audino) have similar colors to Sylveon. None of them have fangs.

A Normal-type eeveelution would have to be physical based or defensive, because the strongest special Normal-type move is lolHyper Beam.

With this kind of logic, people would consider Dratini a Water-type Pokémon on first sight. It's blueish, shaped like a snake and lives in water. But it's not Water-type.

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