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    Little Baby Ricken became a Dark Knight on a whim. DANG! Ricken can go off on his own and slaughter everything. He can take many, many hits. Because of Focus, a mage ability, his critical hit rate is amazing! It only activates when he is alone, but as a DK he can totally do that do problem.

    Lucina became an Archer to grow her AMAZING skill and speed stats. She was promoted to Bow Knight at Lv.12 because she was CAPPED in skill. (well, close) As a Bow Knight she can use Parallel Falcion again.

    I didn't Notice Parallel Facion has MT 12 and can be used to recover health. GOOD thing I made her a bow knight who can actually use swords.

    Lucina has gotten Aether and Critical Hit at the same time so often it is crazy. Also, have you noticed paired-up characters getting critical hits very, very often? Several of my weapons were forged for crit and most of my units are pair with their spouses 100% of the time. It just seems that they have been very lucky in the last few missions.

    They missions to get your kids look so high level, it looks like endgame stuff. If you leveled up enough to do them before the main story, wouldn't you be very overpowered?