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    Third update! I've just gotten my sixth badge; here are the details if you're interested:
    -Beat Cheren on Route 5, as well as the two kids Alder made us battle.
    -Crossed the Driftveil Drawbridge into the city itself, tried our first triple battle against Charles the heartbreaker (here, I learned Acupressure can affect your teammates too!), cleared Route 6, and tracked down Zinzolin's group of Plasma flunkies in the Cold Storage.
    -Took on Clay at the Driftveil Gym. Krokorok was a bit of a pain because of Swagger, but it didn't last too long. He actually sent out Excadrill next and knocked out Pear (Maractus) thanks to Swagger (at least, I think it was Pear). I sent out Cadeau (Pignite), hoping to take advantage of the steel-type half, but of course Excadrill was too quick. So I lost Cadeau like right away. But... Sydian (Petilil) came in to save the day! :D Leech Seed, Sleep Powder, Growth, Giga Drain... I think she used them all to bring down the beast. And Palpitoad didn't stand a chance. With that, we won the Quake Badge!

    -Although it shouldn't have, Bianca's appearance as I was leaving Driftveil sorta surprised me for some reason. :/ Anyways, she was simple enough, and we got HM Fly after the battle.
    -Chargestone Cave, oh geez, Chargestone Cave! I've never been this annoyed in previous ventures through this place. I had terrible luck in this cave; so many of my moves missed, and a Ferroseed even got a 5-hit Pin Missile with three crits once, followed by a 4-hit one. Ferroseed are evil. Eventually, we made our way through, battled N, and reached Mistralton City.
    -Cleared Route 7, scaled Celestial Tower, and returned to Mistralton.
    -Mistralton Gym was next. Going into this challenge, Skyla was the gym leader I feared the most, seeing as half of my full team is weak to Flying. Anyways, Pear learned Petal Dance in this gym (as required for "The Flower"), so that's another objective down! ^-^ The battle with Skyla actually went better than expected! Magenta (Munna) managed to land a Hypnosis on her Swoobat, so I quickly switched to Cadeau and began a Rollout. Thankfully, Swoobat slept long enough for Rollout to do its thing, and it fell in two hits. Unfezant came out next and attacked with a powerful Air Slash, but Cadeau wasn't quite out yet. Rollout did her in in one hit. Unfortunately, Swanna didn't allow it to continue any longer and Cadeau was knocked out. I sent Magenta out again, hoping to put it to sleep, but a crit Aerial Ace took her out (she was at about half HP). So Passion (Audino) comes out to face Swanna (hmmm, I just had a thought that I could've named him Mr.Passion...). Just an exchange of attacks, with me spamming Secret Power. One of them paralyzed Swanna, so that was great! Eventually, we prevailed and won the Jet Badge!

    -Got the TM for Aerial Ace and taught it to Pear.

    The team so far:
    The Gift

    Cadeau (Male Pignite, Naive, Somewhat vain, Lv. 37)
    Blaze, @Charcoal
    -Flame Charge
    -Work Up
    -Arm Thrust

    The Pink

    Magenta (Female Munna, Brave, Thoroughly cunning, Lv. 38)
    Synchronize, @Quick Claw
    -Calm Mind
    ~First place in the "A Sweet Soirée" musical show!

    The Attraction

    Passion (Male Audino, Brave, Likes to fight, Lv. 38)
    Regenerator, @BrightPowder
    -Secret Power

    The Valentine

    Sydian (Female Petilil, Brave, Often dozes off, Lv. 38)
    Chlorophyll, @Eviolite
    -Giga Drain
    -Leech Seed
    -Sleep Powder

    The Flower

    Pear (Male Maractus, Bashful, Somewhat of a clown, Lv. 38)
    Water Absorb, @Miracle Seed
    -Giga Drain
    -Aerial Ace
    -Petal Dance
    Completed Solo Runs
    Treecko: FR (3 KOs) | HG (29 KOs)
    Buizel: Pt (5 KOs)