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    Originally Posted by 95gemello7 View Post
    I'm trying to do a new animation for Giga Impact and I would like to know a thing: can I use the animation that in battle show the Pokémon when eating a berry? And where can I find it?
    I'm not quite sure.... I can't quite remember what it looks like in FR, but in Ruby, it just looks like synthesis. So why not just use synthesis as part of your attack? Just a thought.

    Originally Posted by Shubunkus View Post
    How would I go about starting off a hack with a black screen. Can I do this with XSE?
    Have your starting map be all black tiles and hide your character in a script (level script) as soon as you start. There is probably a better way, but this is easiest. Then, when you want the lights to go, just have that script warp and show the player. Movement commands for hide and show, I believe are 0x54 and 0x55 respectively.

    Originally Posted by The Legacy of The Legends Creator :D View Post
    I changed the Script to where it will Accept it, and i get an offset with free space but when i paste the offset code, in plave of the 0s in the "0x00000..." it changes, and it wont stick to the one i chose.
    In Advacned map.

    And i was also asking,lets say i distrubte the rom for free like planned. And other people download just the GBA file im editing straight through instead of a patch, Would i have to keep the Saved RBC files with the scripts or does hitting compile in XSE save them into the rom without needing the external RBC files?

    And thank you on the last question :3
    When you hit compile, it turns all of your words into numbers and adds them to the rom. So, you do not need the rbc files, but they are good to keep as many scripts are similar. Therefore, you maybe able to use old ones as reference points or templates. I do this A LOT!

    A-map doesn't use 0xXXXXXX, it uses the $XXXXXX instead. Then, you must click save:p.

    When you distribute the patch, also include the game code (AXVE, BPEJ, BPRE) so that they know exactly which game and language to patch. Also include the version number (1.0 or 1.1) for FR.

    Here is Lu-Ho's tut on how to add (not replace) new tilesets:

    Here is a tutorial on adding tilesets in general:
    Like FBI said, just type in tile sets and hit search!:D

    And another good tutorial, (I hope...):

    For animating tiles, this should be useful:

    Now I am just going to use a spoiler:

    As you can tell, this Vicodin is making feel really good so I didn't mind finding all of there tutorials. I'm also pretty bored too.:D

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