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    Yes. Someone has posted. WE NEED GUYZZZZ! Ride The Yoshi accepted, right Ace? Pepster, scripts are stored in the ROM as hexadecimal units, what Pokéscript and XSE do is simply decompile them in simpler language, while the commands are different. A Pokéscript script can be seen and edited in XSE with no problem. It is not that hard to script, you can start off in this awesome tutorial. Mapping is not as easy as it looks. Most people just cobble together a few trees, ledges and wild grass and thinks it looks perfect. Actually there's so much more into mapping. You have to get your style defined right, and not make it look square, double-check for errors, give sufficient flowers etc. You both do your best and we may just have great prospective maps! Although, IT'D BE NICE IF ONE OF THEM TILERS SHOWED UP. Yeah, what's a cool custom game without tiles?

    I'm gonna skip the report today, yada yada yada...