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You've got an interesting gallery, to say the least.

Your imitation of Sugimori's style is good, but there are a few areas that need some work. Such as anatomy, but that has been mentioned in the thread before, so I won't be bothering with it. Your shading is messy and a bit too dark. I would recommend shading with a dark color such as dark blue or a purplish hue of black. Once you've finished shading, set the layer opacity to 50% and the shading should look much better. Well, based on my own experience anyways.

Next, is the overall shading.

You've got the hang of shading, but I'd advise you pick a light source and go with it the entire picture. Judging by most of your works, you've done that but look at Abscitops' visible hind leg. Its armor shading and hide shading don't match up and it looks... awkward, in a sense. Do keep in mind the highlights you're using; don't abuse them and make sure they're not... glaringly obvious. I would suggest(if you don't already do so) giving the highlights their own layer and then lowering the opacity of the said layer. It will give your highlighting some translucency and will give a better effect.

When doing fire, don't outline it in black. Give it more of a reddish orange color, it will look better. Trust me. Do keep in mind the details on your fakes, too. Pokémon has a very simplistic style, it's not like Digimon. Kitturn's fur detail is pushing it a bit, but it isn't excessive. Insashe's tail is an example of what I mean. It alone is more than enough detail for the entire fake. Regardless, it is your fake so you have free reign to do what you will. I am only giving suggestions, and I wish you luck on your game.

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