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    Originally Posted by The Legacy of The Legends Creator :D View Post
    but the script offset for a new one is $00000000 as a default to be switch,so how would i create a working script and instert it correctly? and thank you so much for your answers XD you do not know how much of a help you are being
    I added some links for tile insertion

    First of all, it should only be 6 0's not 8 in A-map. Trust me, that makes a big difference. Now, when you compile something, your script should begin with #Dynamic 0x740000 (or any offset with free space) and then the next line should be #org @start. When you compile (click the gear button) it will show you a log and all of the offsets that it placed your script at. Take the offset for @start and copy it. Then, put it in the script offset box, preceded by the "$", so it comes out in the format $XXXXXX. You are going to replace the $000000 with this new offset.

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