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    Originally Posted by The Legacy of The Legends Creator :D View Post
    lol trust me ima check em all out XD too
    Whenever i add the 6,i am apparently diong that part correctly, but when i add the offest of the 6 cuz i always take out the 0x to avoid the red text xD, it usualy moves the text around and adds some to fill the other 2 digits
    When you write a script, never actually put in offsets by yourself, as you can easily break it if there aren't enough bytes in between two offsets. Always use unique @_____ labels and let XSE do it for you.

    Consult diegoisawesome's XSE tutorial for more information on writing scripts.

    I can tell you this however. The 7th and 8th digits in an pointer and offset, tell the location of the data as being in a part of the rom or of the ram. The 8 that is added before most script offsets and the 08 that are at the end of each pointer specify that the data is in the rom. The other numbers are in the ram.

    For example, 01 is BIOS, 02 is External Working RAM, 03 Internal Working RAM, 04 is register memory/IO, 05 is Pallete Memory, 06 is Video RAM, 07 is Object Attribute Memory, 08 is the ROM, and 0E is the back-up memory. You don't need to know what all of that means, but it explains why rom offsets are preceded by an 8 and pointers are followed by a 08. This is not needed in A-map sinceit knows it is pulling from the rom.

    Also, if you forget the "$" in A-map, it switches from hex mode to decimal mode, so don't forget it.

    Originally Posted by The Legacy of The Legends Creator :D View Post
    and is there a specific way to go about adding different map tiles instead of coloring them to another palette, like say change a tree or what id like to do is put certain types of pokemon sprites as tiles? or new buildings
    Just read the tutorials, the most I've ever done is change the shape of the rocks and pull in new trees.

    I'm a scripter, beginner ASMer (is that a phrase? haha), and data manipulator. I like working with numbers much better than images.:D

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