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Originally Posted by Sonkitts View Post
Is all this correct? Therefore in order to complete the National Dex in Gen IV, I need to migrate Kanto Pokémon from Fire Red and Leaf Green, Johto Pokémon (the ones not available in FR/LG and in the wild post Elite Four), Hoenn Pokémon from migrating them from Emerald/Ruby/Sapphire, and version exclusive Pokémon from Pearl/Diamond or Platinum respectively?
Yes it is correct. You need your 4th Gen game and also a copy of the 3rd Gen game (Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald/FireRed/LeafGreen) inserted into the second slot of your DS, located at the front bottom. You then have to select 6 Pokemon from the 3rd Gen game to transfer over, and it can only be Pokemon from the PC Box. And remember you cannot proceed until you select exactly six Pokemon for transfer.

Then you head to Pal Park (located on Route 221 in D/P/Pt, and Fuchsia City in HG/SS) where you can participate in a catching game to try and catch all 6 Pokemon, using Park Balls that are given to you. They have a 100% catch rate (similar to the Master Ball) so you'll catch the Pokemon without fail.

It's only on the DS and DS Lite though, so if you're using a DSi or 3DS you cannot utilize this feature.

More information on Pal Park can be found here. Good luck with completing your Pokedex!
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