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    Originally Posted by HyperKiller View Post
    Gotta say,t his is real interesting, can't wait to see how this finishes! (Maybe put some sorta story branching that at one part you realise your mistakes and leave Team Rocket or stay? :x) I... could help with ideas to script into some people, i guess, but i can't do it myself, i'm a noob hacker. :\
    Glad you're excited! The next BETA is coming along well. The story is nearly done up to the third gym, I'd just like to change a few features such as custom moves, TMs etc.

    I think that is a good potential story, however I already have one in mind for the postgame content. We'll see if I ever manage to get there! And if there are any particular characters that you would like to see, or cameo at all, just give me a PM.