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    Originally Posted by Saving Raven View Post
    I see what you guys mean, I wasn't entirely sure how good they were, but I needed a huge tree x.x
    you have an interesting idea with cave people, but these are more forest people; they are devote "sages" to the pokemon mew. They are awaiting someone who is pure of heart from the "outer-realm" as they call it (basically a good person from outside the forest) However it is not the player XP
    I may make their houses trees...

    "The innermost/outer ledges off the craters you're using the wrong curvatures. I would recommend recoloring one to fit these certain tiles. "
    ^what do you mean? I'm not sure what you're referring to...
    and as much as I love gen4 graphics, I'm using them for something else, and this map needs to be in gen3
    However, would a recoloring of the logs work in a gen3 map? I love them so much >w<
    Look you've really only got to change the floor and the trees, you could change the tree tiles so they all interlock together to form a more dense forest. If you change the ground I recommend adding some shadows like you did with the big tree.

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