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    Originally Posted by kinataki View Post

    it doesnt look like her at all but hey worth it

    i guess you mean this when you say disguise

    i really didn't knew how to draw that gen 1 charizard holding a ball so i made this. it is on the exact size. and really it doesnt have to hold a ball. take look at POKéMON Ruby Destiny, the guy who made that deleted the ball throwing scene.

    the back sprites are coming

    and btw sorry guys. these are not piece of art really, because i've had something terrible and i feel awful. sorry...
    Thanks for trying, I guess I wasn't really all that clear. When I said throwing a pokeball, I knew that it wouldn't have a pokeball in its hand. I just wanted an arm coming over the top that looked like it was throwing something.

    So, baically i would like you to redraw Branden as an earlier gen charizard. So the same animation, he just looks like a charizard. Also, you don't need to cut the side of his body off. When I insert trough NSE, the body isn't cut off at all.

    Sorry about the miscommunication. I really appreciate you giving this a try. Thanks!

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