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    Originally Posted by LocksmithArmy View Post
    Im having mapping issues...

    in every map I make... if I want to make a solid BLACK tile... I take the first black square from the block list and I place it where I want the black square to be in the game... makes since right... (works the same for the boarder tiles too)

    but in game it comes out like this:

    all those blue squiggleys should be black... how can I fix this (its like this for all my maps, not the nintendo maps)

    That first tile is not indeed black, but rather empty. Transparent. If you want a black tile, you will have to find a tileset like the ones inside of houses which have actual black tiles in them that you can use.

    Originally Posted by The Legacy of The Legends Creator :D View Post
    you kno what idt i always kept the $ but ill keep it in mind

    lol ima spriter xD that palette on the darkrai in my sig i made it :3 <3

    Just a question, whats a good english hex editor i dont seem to have one, night! ill check later XD
    HxD and GoldFinger. HxD is the best, however it doesn't support .tbl files which GoldFinger does. So, you can do everything you normally do for hex editing on HxD, and use GoldFinger just for any text editing need.

    Originally Posted by Ksiazek Bartlomiej View Post
    How can I change LOW HP ALARM from Signal to Music like in Pokemon Black/White into pokemon ruby Rom?
    Wasn't this just answered a page or two ago by shinyquagsire?

    Edit: My bad... It was answered in Research and Development by shinyquagsire not long ago.

    Originally Posted by QuartierGenerale View Post

    i'm trying to edit Birch's Bag (Ruby)...i've exported image from unzl, after i've exported palette from VBA, ad i've applied my palette to the exported image. what has happened is that the bag is correctly recolour, while the grass not.

    This is the result image:

    how can i do for seeing the correct palette also in the grass?

    thanks a lot
    My guess is that there isa second pallete. Keep looking in VBA's pallete editor as there is probobly one pallete for the bag and one for the grass.

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