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It definitely can be hard to find others who are fans, though the internet makes that oh so much easier, hehe. Welcome back, Zero!

Your last post was all the way back in September so it's definitely a pleasant surprise to have you back! I might recognize you, albeit only slightly, though it's still something. Have you been enjoying your return to the forum so far? Anything you're looking to do this time around or are you just wanting to get acquainted with other fans? Whatever it is you've chosen the best place, so try not to disappear on us this time around or we'll be sad. ): It's always upsetting to see members disappear even though it usually can't be helped, but having someone return is such a great feeling!

Since your usertitle says you're trying to be a competitive battler, why not stop by the Battle Center to get tips and join in on some tournaments? It's been very active and fun lately plus we have an amazing Pokemon Showdown server that hosts our battles. You'd be surprised to see how many wonderful people are over there so it's always worth checking out. :D As a regular there, I can vouch for how great of a place it is.

Have a splendid time, remember to read the rules, and contact me anytime if you ever need any help!

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