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    Do we port the Poison (poison deals no damage in the overworld, or Pokemon can not faint from poison in the overworld) system from the newer games?
    Is that what was going on in B/W? I hadn't noticed No, I like the old system. Gives you a reason to stock up on Antidotes in the beginning of the game.

    Do we port the TM (never disappear) system from the newer games?
    I did rather like that mechanic, but that meant you had more money to do nothing with. So, it doesn't really matter, whatever everyone else wants to do.

    Do we want to use the new (combined with PokeMart) Pokemon Centers?
    Not in every town. I rather liked going to a separate building for my goods. Maybe in the cities, have a one stop center, but have two buildings in less important towns.

    Do we want to implement newer breeding (Masuda method, passing abilities) techniques?
    I have no clue how that works. Can someone elaborate?

    Do we remove the need of badges to use HM field moves?
    I'm not sure on this one. The need for badges to use HM moves was pretty important to keep people from going farther than they needed to in the story in the games. But maybe if we switch the order in which badge goes for which HM, I'd be cool with that. I suppose that would mean we'd have to reconfigure the obedience levels though.

    Do we port the newer EXP system?
    Sure, why not.

    Originally Posted by karatekid552 View Post
    So, I just thought about this now, it's like 3 am here, but whatever :p. What if we brought back all of the old apricot pokeballs from gen II, like the heavy ball and such? In my opinion, it makes catching pokemon have that much more stategy behind it. Just an idea.
    I liked the apricot gimmick too. Definitely should be in this game.
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