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    Originally Posted by WhiteTitan View Post
    This is the 4th time I've had to start the game over from scratch and I've made it all the way to the very end. I just finished beating the Torixia League and I'm in the process of collecting the plates, random legendaries and finishing my pokedex. However, when I go to Flanova via the ship and then fly to Jadefield town and lastly enter Mt. Iris. While in Mt. Iris the first stone setup is impossible to move in any combination to move on. I've even looked up videos on youtube and sadly the setup that is shown in their version of game is different then mine. I'm assuming the only way to fix this is to download a different version of the game. Can anyone tell me how to flawlessly copy my save file and which version to dl. If anyone has experienced this before what can I expect to be messed up during the transfer (ie. do I need to do certain things prior to it.)

    On a second note, several pokemon need to be leved up with stones and I have played the entire game and have run across 1 moon stone. Is there a list of where to get these stones that are needed.

    Lastly, thanks for a sweet game. I know there are plenty of bugs and issues and people can complain but its still the sweetest pokemon game I've ever played.
    Not entirely sure, I'm having the same problem
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