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Hack name: Pokemon NeoFlora Sky

Hack of: Pokemon Flora Sky (A Pokemon Emerald hack I believe)

Additional information about the hack: This is re-editing of the classic Pokemon hack Flora Sky with new trainers, Pokemon locations, Side quests, Maps, and other things (It's a suprise ). I've also made the game easier in the beginning but A LOT harder towards the end.

Finished percentage: 92%

Your hacking skills: I know how to do most things like mapping, editing text, pokemon, trainers, etc.

What help or skill you're looking for: I need to find out how to edit the version banner from, "Flora Sky" to "NeoFlora Sky". Also I need someone who is skilled at making events like multiple trainers having conversations and such.

Additional contact information: PM me or anyother way you can contact me. If you are serious or really curious email me at [email protected]

Additional information: I would also like to meet the original makers of Pokemon Flora Sky.

My Black 2 FC: 4213 5165 5318

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