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Originally Posted by Tapeuser View Post

Hey, Could I Ask For This Request?

Hoenn Starters:
& Mudkip

Don't Care About Level, Or Moves

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I think this is for Syd, so I'll direct her.

Originally Posted by Murt93 View Post

Nickname: none
Shiny: yes if to much effort I wouldn't mind a non-shiny
Gender: any
Nature: Timid
Ability: the non dw1 I cant remember eevee but joteon's is volt absorb
IVs: near flawless( would you mind doing hidden power ice?)
Hatch Location: anywhere
Egg Moves: none
I looked through your rng'd pokemon and you have two timid flawless eevee's one with hp grass and 1 with hp fighting if you don't want to go through the effort could I get a clone of one of those please?

I kinda feel like I'm being a bit too greedy :L but I'm trying to make a perfect team for wifi and I can't rng but if you could could you also breed or clone this one too

Pokémon: Tentacruel
Nickname: none
Shiny: yes but I would settle for non-shiny
Gender: any
Nature: bold
Ability: any
IVs: flawless/near flawless
Hatch Location: any
Egg Moves: none

If you could make even one of those I would gladly trade you anything I have though Im not sure I'd have anything you like I have a few dw females but you probably have them, shiny adamant haxorus with outstanding attack and speed ivs,jolly garchomp with 31 atk ivs and 31 speed ivs,timid latios with outstanding ivs,timid kyogre 31 sp.atk ivs,shiny jolly gyarados with 31 ivs in speed, timid thundurus with good ivs, there are a few more but I doubt you'd be interested I also have a few shinies namely dratini,umbreon,tyranitar,metagross and some rare items like liechi berries :L
No thanks on both requests :\ I don't need anymore Eevees and I don't need another Tentacool.

Originally Posted by Tapeuser View Post
im asking for this request
Sinnoh Starters

Chimchar, Turtwig, & Pipliup
Syd again?

Originally Posted by blackwing18421 View Post
i'm looking for a solosis pansear and panpour any natures abilities and moves need for pokedex filling theres no rush but would like to know early if you will be willing to help me or not so if not can look for them somewhere else
Referring Syd.