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The lost city of Atlantis, hidden beneath the waves and the annals of history is one written about in nearly every civilization. A place that once held a civilization many years old and incredibly advanced that in one cataclysmic moment was destroyed and sunk beneath the waves. Many people spend their whole lives just looking for evidence of its existence. Yet none have succeeded in uncovering any of its secrets as it lays dormant at the bottom of the ocean.

However, to a select group of the populace, Atlantis is a reality for them. Remnants of the Atlantean civilisation washed up on shores around the world and continued to live with the humans. Bringing with them their vast knowledge, they helped the humans to grow and develop. They managed the building of the Great Pyramids on the Giza Plateau, the construction of the Great Wall of China as well as other great marvels. They brought the human world from its knees to its feet. Even some of the world’s greatest leaders were Atlantean. They brought a new era for Human civilisation.

Recent archaeological digs in Egypt have uncovered evidence of the Atlanteans presence within the human community. Forced to come out of the closet, very few of the remaining families of true Atlanteans that still retain their ancestry have made their presence known. Possessing godly powers, these Atlanteans propose a bright new future as they begin to shed further light on their ancient civilisation. Hidden in the populace, Atlantean descendants who have forgotten their ancestry lie dormant; their own past waiting to be revealed to them.

In the midst of this discovery, a group come to light calling themselves the ‘Atlantean Royal Family’. In a single press release, they talk about the history of the Atlantean people and how they still live within Humans today. Raising a brilliant crystal in the air, they announce the awakening of the Atlantean race as across the world, people begin to develop abilities. From the public rise a new society known as the Atlantean Unification Project, who wish to unite Atlanteans as a single race. With these two groups at the vanguard, a new era for human and Atlantean kind beckons.

Who are you?

It has been two weeks since the Atlanteans revealed themselves and your abilities came into manifestation. As the gears of fate turn in motion, the world moves closely to a new era, one that is on very thin ice. On the day of the unveiling of the crystal you find your skin itch as a strange marking appears on your body where there shouldn’t be one. You are an Atlantean. You wait with anticipation as your ability slowly emerges and you can begin to realise what power you hold. The world is very fragile however, and you could be the person who keeps it steady, or pushes it over the edge.

Everyone is different, and that goes for Atlanteans too. As a descendant of Atlantis, you do not have the same power as another Atlantean. Some abilities come close, but none are the same.


Main Information:
Name: (Full Name)
Alias: (For later reference)
Age: (14-21)
Atlantean Tattoo: (describe where it turned up, what it looks like and any other details)
Physical: (minimum one paragraph)
Clothing: (minimum one paragraph)
Personality: (minimum two paragraphs)

History: (minimum two paragraphs; up until the reveal of the Atlanteans.)

Ability: (Describe the ability with positive and negative side-effects.)

Writing Sample: (Fresh sample of the day your ability manifested and the resulting week after.)


  • Follow all PokéCommunity and Roleplay Corner rules.
  • This roleplay is rated M for Mature, so the overuse of course language or sexual references is forbidden.
  • Activity is essential. While this roleplay is not a fast moving one, becoming inactive for an extended period of time is intolerable.
  • Godmodding, powerplaying, bunnying and being overly-powerful is strictly forbidden without permission.
  • No SPAM and going off-topic. Please keep all OOC in the OOC thread.
  • Please, be reasonable.
  • Myself and Skymin are both GMs, so our word means law.

Background Information

The Atlantean Royal Family
The oldest of the organisations, the ARF dates back to the founding and consolidation of Atlantis as an empire. Run as somewhat of a Democracy, it is led by the heads of the five royal houses of Atlantis; each encompassing a different aspect. They currently inhabit the Atlantean Mansion in Boston, England.

Atlantean Royal Family Mansion Outline.
  • The House of Natura – Lead by Justin Evans, a Dendrokinetic
  • The House of Physia – Lead by Katerina Lukyanenko, a Property Mimic
  • The House of Psyche – Lead by River Beleran, a Telepath
  • The House of Animalia – Lead by Leo Cabrillo, a Panthero Morphologist
  • The House of Chance – Lead by Edward Trent, a Luck Manipulator

A List of Known Atlantean Abilities


  • Accelerated Healing - Charlotte Hunter
  • Adaptation - Garrett Flynn
  • Atlantean Armour - Oakley North
  • Bone Swords - Kieran Davis
  • Camoflage - Beau Harmon
  • Crystallization - Delta Mayor
  • Death Empowerment - Branko
  • Extra Arms - Adrian Santoro
  • Extreme Muscle Growth - Mark Beleren (7 years)
  • Facial Metamorphosis - Imogen Green
  • Forcefield Projection - Fletcher Davis
  • Gender Swap -
  • Ghost Physiology - Lucien Daniau
  • Glowing - Curtis Morwood
  • Innate Fighting Capability - Eva Lukyanenko (7 years)
  • Kinetic Absorption - Roxana Herrera
  • Miasma Emission - Alesina
  • Phasing - Natalia Zaytsev
  • Tail Appendage - Atticus Forsberg
  • Teleportation - Jeremy Fisher
  • Vulture Aura - Oliver Hansen


  • Aerokinesis - Agnes Johansson
  • Bontanokinesis - Rose Evans
  • Bubble Manipulation - Juliette Martel
  • Emotion Amplification - Hayden Prosper
  • Cement Manipulation - Matthias Mertens
  • Cryokinesis - Nathaniel Calaway
  • Dendrokinesis – Justin Evans
  • Dream Manipulation - Lucas Cypher aka Lucifer
  • Electrokinesis - James Hazen
  • Erebokinesis - Thayne Clarke
  • Ferrokinesis -
  • Firework Manipulation - Jessie Jameson
  • Glass Manipulation - Andre Cabrillo
  • Gravity Manipulation - Emilio Bernot
  • Haemokinesis - Cara "Ruby" Lockwood
  • Hair Manipulation - Rebecca Knight
  • Hydrokinesis - Cindy Beleren (7 years)
  • Luck Manipulation – Edward Trent
  • Lumokinesis - Austin Tseong
  • Meteorikinesis - Jacques Morain
  • Neon Light Manipulation - Nora Draveiga
  • Optikinesis - Wyatt Cale
  • Osteokinesis - Daemon Kozyrev
  • Paper Manipulation - Jake Mansell
  • Pyrokinesis - Dominique Bisset
  • Sand Manipulation - Misha Verdankov
  • Seismokinesis - October Carter
  • Smoke Manipulation - Joey Stevenson Jacques Bayne
  • Sonic Manipulation - Maria Van Damme
  • Telekinesis - Marilyn Turan
  • Vocalkinesis - Dietger Van Damme
  • Wire Manipulation - Markus Steele


  • Ability Mimicry - The Librarian
  • Atlantium Mimicry - Seamus Moran
  • Goat Mimicry - Frederick Salisbury
  • Grenade Mimicry - Jacques Bayne
  • Muscle Mimicry - Antonia Costa
  • Plant Mimicry - Janet Evans (7 Years)
  • Property Mimicry – Katerina Lukyanenko
  • Shadow Mimicry - Stephanie Mercer


  • Bat Morphology - Julian Morales
  • Canine Morphology - Kaido Tsukuda
  • Cebus Morphology - Apollo Okonjo
  • Falconiforme Morphology - Nyatichi
  • Felinae Morphology - Andre Cabrillo
  • Firefly Morphology - Hotaru Yamanashi Jacques Bayne
  • Mantid Morphology - Elisa Sjöberg
  • Ovis Morphology - Amara Taylor
  • Panthero Morphology – Leo Cabrillo
  • Phoenix Morphology - Dekun 'Nix' Bai
  • Prehistoric Feline Morphology - Gino Cabrillo (7 years)
  • Werewolf Morphology - Devon Bernot


  • Emotional Psychometry - Aoife Myrna
  • Existential Psychometry - Simon Myrna
  • Future Sight - Charles Taylor
  • Increased Brain Activity - Anabel Falkner
  • Intuitive Aptitude - Melissa Jacobs
  • Perception Alteration - Darren Stagg
  • Possession - Unnamed
  • Precognition - The Oracle
  • Technopathy - Jason Miraz
  • Telepathy – River Beleren
  • Thought Projection - Daniel Cain
  • Weapon Proficiency - Pyrrha Kozyrev


  • Artistic Animation - Marwa Al Thani
  • Centrifugal Rotation - Chrysta Veidt
  • Gastropod Summoning - Henri Martel
  • Weapon Transformation - Levin
Character Profiles:

Faces To Names: Atlantean Royal Family
To Hell We Ride: Renegade Atlanteans
Faces To Names: Syndicate
Faces To Names: Atlantean Unification Project
Atlantis Awakening: Atlantean Culture

Extra Information:

Atlantean Unification Project Headquarters
Atlantean Royal Family Mansion

Atlantis Awakening Wiki

The Daily Telegraph 08/11/2012
The New York Times 11/08/2012

Dreams of Atlantis: A Prelude to Awakening

Theme Song:
Secret Crowds - Angels & Airwaves

Accepted Atlanteans

firelordyago as Wyatt Cale: Optikinesis
Skymin as Oakley North: Atlantean Armour
Retro Bug as Delta Mayor: Crystallization
and Marwa Al Thani: Artistic Animation
Raikiri as Nathaniel Calaway: Cryokinesis
SV as James Hazen: Electrokinesis
Lt. Col. Fantastic as Austin Tseong: Lumokinesis
Kiklion as Dominique Bisset: Pyrokinesis
The Final Watchman as Thayne Clarke: Erebokinesis
and Roxana Herrera: Kinetic Absorption
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