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Originally Posted by ShinyUmbreon189 View Post
I'm all for legalizing guns in every state AND ALLOW YOU TO HAVE IT CONCEALED AS LONG AS YOUR 21 OR OLDER. How of often you think a womens gonna get raped then? A gang member wont try to rape if they question that person having a gun. That's what they need to do. If guns were legal everywhere, the crime would go down. Chicago has the strictest gun laws but the most body count. Hmm, I wonder why. If any women 21 or older and is mentally stable to have a gun has a gun, you think they'll get raped? People wont risk it because they don't know if they have one or not. If guns become illegal period, it's gonna be like Chicago EVERYWHERE. Compton ain't nothin.
I don't think you understand how rape works. If someone is raping a woman, she is usually pinned down. Please explain as to how she's going to use a gun to defend herself.

Even if guns are legal everywhere, there's still going to be illegal guns. America should stop being so paranoid that their government is going to go all Orwellian on its people. If you can't trust your government, why continue living in the country?